This page lists some of the layouts that NMRS and its members have built in the past, but which have subsequently moved on or been dismantled.

Ashbrook Dale (OO)

This was a OO gauge layout built and owned by two NMRS members. It depicted the station, good yard and stone loading areas of Ashbrook Dale, a fictitious terminus station in Derbyshire on a single line branch of the London Midland and Scottish Railway, off the main line to Manchester. Read more

Carstairs: BR blue Class 85 on freight train

Carstairs (OO)

Carstairs was a large layout depicting the electrified West Coast Main Line in the 1980s. It featured authentic, working, near-scale 25kV AC overhead. Read more

Idridgehay: An 0-6-0 tender locomotive runs through with an engineers' train, including a crane.

Idridgehay (OO)

This member's OO gauge layout was set in the 1930s and reflects the London, Midland and Scottish Railway. It depicted the actual station and goods yard areas of Idridgehay, on the single-track branch line of the LMS from Duffield to Wirksworth in Derbyshire. Read more

Skipley (OO)

Skipley represents a fictional trans-Pennine route in OO gauge, a typical ex-Midland Railway line in the West Yorkshire area during the 1960s. The layout spent a period on semi-permanent display at the Historical Model Railway Society HMRS Study Centre, Midland Railway Centre, Butterley, Derbyshire, but it is now owned by an NMRS member, and is is storage pending rebuilding.

Wheelock Mill: A CP Rail road switcher outside buildings

Wheelock Mill (HO)

Built by Nick Quinn, Wheelock Mill was a New England paper mill rail-connected to CP Rail (Canadian Pacific). The layout was set in the 1970s. It has now been dismantled.