Trent Lane Junction is the club’s latest big project now making progress. This is a model of the ex-Great Northern Railway junctions in east Nottingham and set during the 1950s-60s. As well as the ex-GNR lines, it will also feature the ertswhile Nottingham Suburban line and the surviving former Midland Railway route to Newark and Lincoln. Although still under construction, three of the baseboards were at the March 2007 Nottingham East Midlands Model Railway Exhibition, as part of a major feature to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Great Northern Railway arriving in the City of Nottingham and the opening of its lines into London Road Low Level, as depicted in the model.

The Former Midland Route to Newark – The latest developments on the layout are with scenery, buildings and infrastructure. A DMU passes by the Sports Ground, near to Colwick Crossing, on its way to Newark. Colwick Road can just be seen in the background – now what about all those lovely green, Nottingham City Transport, Brush, three-axle, trolleybuses on Service 44.

The lower level of the fiddle yard will serve trains on the former Midland Railway route from Nottingham Midland to Newark and Lincoln. The upper level will accommodate trains on the ex-Great Northern lines from Nottingham Victoria to Colwick and Grantham, whilst the high-level triangular junction serves the Nottingham Suburban Line.

The trackbed in the centre of the picture, will be the ex-GNR Nottingham Victoria to Colwick and Grantham line. The line to the right (nearest the camera, and already ballasted) is the former Midland Railway route coming from Nottingham Midland to Newark and Lincoln. Directly in front of the camera, is the flying junction to/from the Nottingham Suburban Line, to St Ann’s, Thorneywood and Sherwood.
The front boards again, but this time from the opposite end and looking west to east. The ballasted track to the left is the former Midland route, from Nottingham Midland heading towards Newark and Lincoln. Construction work is taking place on the trackbed for the ex-GNR line at Trent Lane Junction itself. The piece of white foam board, temporarily spanning the gap over the former Midland tracks, is where Trent Lane (the road of that name) will pass under the ex-GNR lines and then over the Midland lines at a level crossing.