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For layouts that NMRS no longer has available, see the Historic layouts page.

Colwick Loco: A view of the shed front with several steam locomotives on the approach roads

Colwick Loco (OO)

OO scale static diorama of the front (north end) of Colwick Shed as it appeared in the 1960s, after the 1950 reconstruction of the shed roof. The full extent of the shed is represented in a five foot length, with space to display over fifty model locomotives, which can span the whole life of the depot. At its peak the depot housed 250 steam locomotives, although it had capacity for 400. Locomotives serviced by the workshop included the world-famous Gresley Pacifics, such as Flying Scotsman.

Cwm Happas: A narrow gauge 0-6-0T awaits its next duty.

Cwm Happas (OO9)

Cwm Happas is a 4mm scale OO9 layout depicting a narrow gauge line winding its way through a Welsh valley. Read more

Deepcar: An EM2 (Class 77) passes through on a passenger service to Sheffield

Deepcar (OO)

Deepcar is a large layout, portraying the electrified Woodhead line in the 1960s and ’70s. It features authentic, working, near-scale Overhead Line Equipment, depicting the 1500V DC system of the Woodhead route. Read more

Ilkeston Town: A look across the platform at the goods shed. A Fowler 4P 2-6-4T sits in the platform with a local passenger, while a Fowler 3F Jinty 0-6-0T shunts in the sidings.

Ilkeston Town (OO)

Ilkeston Town is a 00 gauge layout set in the 1930s. It features not only the authentic track plan and station buildings, but also models of the gas works, shops and houses that were in the vicinity. This makes the model an interesting historical record of the area and the trains that served the town at that time. Read more

Market Witham: Ex-GCR N5 0-6-2T no. 69275 arrives with a local passenger train.

Market Witham (O)

Market Witham is an O gauge branch line terminus based on Great Northern Railway practice in Lincolnshire. Read more

Oxthorne: A Hymek awaits departure with a pair of grain hoppers belonging to the Maltsters Association of Great Britain

Oxthorne (N)

Newly acquired by the club, Oxthorne is a small (5ft x 1ft) N gauge layout, depicting a rural branch line terminus somewhere in the Pennines, between the Midland and Eastern regions, surrounded by hills. It is set in the early 1960s, and uses DCC. It was originally built by James Bowden, and appeared in the December 2017 issue of Railway Modeller.

It will next be in operation at the 2024 Ruddington Model Railway Show.

Spike Bank: J94 Austerity 0-6-0ST 68018 shunts a mineral wagon over the hump

Spike Bank (O)

O gauge working model of one of Colwick Yard’s ‘humps’, that at the south sorting sidings in the Down empties yard. This demonstrates gravity shunting, which is a rarely modelled aspect of railway operation. Wagons descend past the South Shunters Cabin into a choice of roads. Conceived as an eight foot long diorama, it is presently being extended.

Springfield: Three Canadian Pacific locos move through the layout.

Springfield (HO)

Springfield represents in HO gauge a downtown commercial district of an imaginary east coast US city, served by Canadian railways. This layout is currently in store awaiting refurbishment.

Streatham Mainline: Two EMUs and a Class 33 sit in the platforms

Streatham Mainline (OO)

Streatham Mainline is an imaginary ex-Southern line in south London, set in the 1980s-1990s. It is a large 00 gauge layout with a junction station, loco depot, terminating Underground trains, goods sidings, and a two-level fiddle yard which has storage for a great many trains. Three-rail electric multiple units and loco-hauled passenger and goods trains operate an intensive service. Read more

Trent Lane Junction: Fowler 4P 2-6-4T 42322 heads a suburban service from Nottingham Midland across Trent Lane Crossing

Trent Lane Junction (OO)

Trent Lane Junction is a 00 gauge model of the ex-Great Northern Railway junctions in east Nottingham, set in the late 1950s. It also features the erstwhile Nottingham Suburban line and the still-surviving former Midland Railway route to Newark and Lincoln. Read more

Club members’ layouts which are also available for exhibitions

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Colwick Old Shed: J94 Austerity 0-6-0ST 68018, ex-GNR C12 4-4-2T 67379 and ex-MSLR N5 0-6-2T 69275 outside the shed

Colwick Old Shed (O)

O Gauge working diorama by Hayden Reed, depicting the entrance to the first Colwick shed built, as it existed for the last thirty years of its life. The diorama showcases a range of model locomotives associated with Colwick during the British Railways years, both steam and diesel traction, and can be displayed with a selection of memorabilia from the full-sized original.
Little Calumet: A ship loads from the grain terminal. A New York Central hopper car is on one of the roads, while 0-6-0ST No. 1 shunts a Southern Pacific box car on the other.

Little Calumet (O/1:48)

US O gauge layout by Hayden Reed: a representation of a grain terminal on the Little Calumet River, Chicago, Illinois, in the 1940s. An unusual ‘micro’ layout, just six feet long, with a Chicago Mob flavour, operating features, and the option of day or night running.

Class 76s at Netherwood Sidings, both in front of and (with lowered pans) behind the signal box.

Netherwood Sidings (O)

This 7mm scale O gauge layout by Graham Clark represents the Woodhead line in its final years. The layout is based on a set of exchange sidings near Sheffield. Read more

Class 76s at Netherwood Sidings, both in front of and (with lowered pans) behind the signal box.

Norman Colliery (O)

Geoff Brain’s impressive run-down colliery in UK O gauge. Read more

Wouldham's Chalk Pit: A Hunslet 0-4-0ST with four wagons, wailing to be loaded from the shovel/loader

Wouldham’s Chalk Pit (O)

A 7mm scale O gauge layout built and exhibited by Graham Clark.
The layout represents a section of a chalk pit near Grays in Essex. The chalk was quarried for the cement industry and was supplied to Wouldham’s cement works by means of a standard gauge industrial railway. The railway closed in 1963 when it was replaced by a conveyor belt. The works closed in the 1980s and the pit is now a nature reserve near the Lakeside shopping centre.
The layout was built with visitor participation in mind and exhibition visitors are encouraged to drive the train and operate the working loading shovel.
ERTMS logo

ERTMS – European Rail Transport Modelling Solutions

ERTMS are a group of railway modellers from the Nottingham Model Railway Society that have got together to model European settings.

The layouts below are all available for exhibition. For exhibition enquiries, please contact
Under construction are the following:
Gyor-ish – HO – Hungarian station and carriage sidings
Utrecht-ish – Dutch mainline and compost plant
Old Town – HO – European small station
Oslavany – TT – Czech branch line

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Antwerpse Viskade: SNCB Class 82 diesel shunter and Class 54 NOHAB diesel electric by the docks

Antwerpse Viskade (HO)

A small Belgian dockyard. The layout’s name translates as ‘Antwerp’s fishing quay’, and this small HO diorama is a little snapshot of life on the quayside in deepest Antwerp, serving various industries. For more information, see the layout’s Facebook page.

České Prkno: DB Class 95 2-10-2T awaiting departure

České Prkno (TT)

Czech terminus.

Industrivej: DSB NOHAB at the head of a couple of hopper wagons

Industrivej (HO)

(‘Industry Way’) – 3.5 mm scale HO gauge, by Nick Quinn. It represents a small freight facility in Danish industrial complex at the end of a freight-only branch line serving a variety of industries near one of the larger Danish towns in the mid-1990s. Each of the small industrial concerns has its own private siding. The area portrayed features a scrap metal processor, a warehousing company, and an animal feeds distributor.

Kozel Cement: A night-time view of the portakabin offices and a couple of locomotives

Kozel Cement (HO)

3.5mm scale HO gauge Czech industrial cement works, named after the famous Kozel Beer. An Inglenook shunting layout. For more information, see the layout’s Facebook page.

A Taste of Albeř: A narrow gauge diesel hauls a passenger train across a rail overbridge.

A Taste of Albeř (TTe)

Czech narrow gauge branch, originally built by Blair Hobson. Based in the south of the Czech Republic, this is a model of a station on the 760mm line centred at Jindřichův Hradec in the south of the Czech Republic.

Zlata Východ: A view over the station, with several locomotives ready to leave

Zlata Východ (HO)

3.5mm scale HO gauge, built by Dave Paylor. It is a good example of a large continuous run layout, representing a border station in Czech Republic in the early twenty-first century. The station is assumed to be near the Polish and German borders, and visiting German and Polish trains can also be seen.