Carstairs is a large layout depicting the electrified West Coast Main Line in the 1980s. It features authentic, working, near-scale 25kV AC overhead. Read More


Deepcar is another large layout, this time portraying the electrified Woodhead line in the 1960s and 70s. It too features authentic, working, near-scale overhead, but this time depicting the 1500V dc system. Read more

Ilkeston Town

Ilkeston town is a smaller 00 gauge layout set in the 1930s. It features, not only the authentic track plan and station buildings that also models of the gas works, shops and houses that were in the vicinity. This makes the model an interesting historical record of the area and the trains that served the town at that time. Read more

Market Witham

Market Witham is an O gauge branch line terminus based on Great Northern Railway practice in Lincionshire

Streatham Mainline

Skipley represents a typical ex-Midland Railway line in the West Yorkshire area during the 1960s. The layout is currently on semi-permanent display at the: Historical Model Railway Society HMRS Study Centre Midland Railway Centre Butterley Derbyshire where it can be viewed several times a year at their open days or by arrangement for group visits. Read more


Springfield in H0 gauge, represents a down-town commercial district of an imaginary east coast US city. This layout is currently in store awaiting refurbishment.

Trent Lane Junction

Trent Lane Junction is a 00 gauge model of the ex-Great Northern Railway junctions in east Nottingham set in the 1950s – 60s. It also features the erstwhile Nottingham Suburban line and the still-surviving former Midland Railway route to Newark and Lincoln. Read more

Club Members’ Layouts which are also available for exhibitions

Ashbrook Dale

This “00” gauge layout depicts the station, good yard and stone loading areas of Ashbrook Dale a fictitious terminus station on a single line branch of the L.M.S off the main line to Manchester in Derbyshire. Read more


This layout is set in the 1930’s and reflects the L.M.S. This ‘OO’ gauge layout depicts the actual station and goods yard areas of Idridgehay on the single branch line of the LMS from Duffield to Wirksworth in Derbyshire. Read more

Netherwood Sidings

7mm scale O gauge by Graham Clark. This layout represents the Woodhead line in its final years. The layout is based on a set of exchange sidings near Sheffield. Read more

Wheelock Mill

 Wheelock Mill (New link soon to be installed) A New England paper mill rail-connected to CP Rail (Canadian Pacific) in the 1970s.