BR Totem: Idridgehay
Idridgehay: An 0-6-0 tender locomotive runs through with an engineers' train, including a crane.
Idridgehay: An LMS tank locomotive leads a local passenger service at the station

The Duffield to Wirksworth line was closed to passenger traffic in 1947 but stone freight workings from Wirksworth continued until the 1980s, all intermediate goods yards having been removed. The line is now the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway and regular services are operated by them from their headquarters at Wirksworth to Duffield.

The station master’s house at Idridgehay is in private ownership and the station building has also been converted into a house. The passing loop, goods yards and loading docks have been demolished but the station platform has been renovated and is used by the EVR.

The layout was set in the 1930s and reflected the LMS locos and rolling stock of this period. Much of the stock was kit-built or modified proprietary models. The working of the layout did not mirror the actual timetable, which was very limited, but was run with the public in mind, so that there were varied movements with rolling stock of the period.

All the buildings are scratch-built from plasticard, and are taken from photographs and site measurements. The buildings in the goods yard are freelance but are typical of the LMS. The working crossing gates are operated by servos. The operating signals are built from MSE components. The back scene, painted by Janet Jacques, is not of the actual setting, but taken from photographs taken in Derbyshire between Idridgehay and Wirksworth.

Full details of the layout can be seen in the Railway Modeller September 2011 edition. The layout is currently in the possession of the EVR and is located in Wirksworth. It has been updated to reflect practice in the 1940s.